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PuraPhy is the new Headquarters for the latest plant-based information and products. PuraPhy’s accessible, exclusive, and relevant content bridges the gap to mainstream consumers by educating and changing the perception of the industry. In addition, consumers will be able to find reputable, compliant and high-quality plant-based brands through our review site. PuraPhy’s experienced marketing team will uncover available advertising inventory and aggregate an audience interested in purchasing hemp/CBD products.

PuraPhy is a digital media publisher focused on emerging plant-based remedies. PuraPhy’s original, exclusive content bridges the gap between reputable brands and mainstream consumers by providing awareness, accurate information, entertaining stories, and reliable products. PuraPhy’s team is comprised of experts in digital marketing, publishing, hemp and the CBD industries, creating a unique situation in which PuraPhy is positioned to deliver a vast audience compelled to understand complicated information while making their purchasing decisions from vetted brands.



What Rolling Stone is to Music
& Consumer Reports is to Products…

PuraPhy is to Plant-based Medicine


Sara is the Chief Strategy Officer for PuraPhy. She has been managing the strategy as the company expands into new plant-based markets such as functional mushrooms and psychedelics.

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