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Miss. Rose is plant-based marketer & entrepreneur, focusing on taking new and immersive molecules to market.  She has a Business Degree from the University of Redlands and an MBA from Pepperdine University.  Currently located in
Las Vegas.


Ms. Kennedy has had involvement shaping many facets of the MJ space from seed to sale, along with multiple ancillary companies in the industry.  Witnessing first-hand what it takes to be successful in the space through fostering relationships with an avant-garde approach that are now thriving businesses.

Sara Rose Kennedy is a passionate cannaprenuer and plant-based marketer. She has been apart of the hemp and cannabis industry for many years. Through her company, In the Weeds Consulting, LLC, a positioning and marketing agency she has focused on growth strategies for emerging hemp and cannabis companies as they launch their businesses and establish their brands. 


Miss Rose has been able to utilize her global and dynamic business experience with her most recent projects in the hemp, cannabis and plant-based medicine industries as a pioneer and leader.  She has worked on lobbying efforts for medical cannabis and hemp, including working closely with some of the most notable people in the industry, and has had direct impact in over 70+ businesses in this space.

Sara is now focusing her attention on new and emerging plant-based medicinal industries, including Functional Mushrooms and Psychedelics.


Sara Rose Kennedy passionately brings plant-based molecules to market

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