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Sara has now a few years of owning and working with a variety of plant-based industries outside of Cannabis.  She has been able to take the knowledge of growing and producing compliantly from that industry and apply that understanding to emerging new plant industries. An example of this, is her experience working the Hemp & CBD industry by working directly with farmers around the country to owning a production lab that produces: hemp crude oil, CBD distillate, CBD Isolate and producing a variety of white-label products for brands.

Launching new technology to plant-based water molecule medicant market. Working with team and soon-to-launch new company that has developed a 100% water soluble 100% uptake platforms to enhance bio-absorption for markets that have little or limited bioactivity due to oxidation. 


Plant Based Entrepreneur

Owning and working with a variety of plant-based industries outside of Cannabis


Our new technology focuses on cellular activation, cellular absorption and cellular communications

with and without cannabis chemistries. The particles are formed in a proprietary blend of micelle, molecular stabilization, stability, cell energy, bond/plating chemistries and using quantum energy to increase bioactivity in a way no other company is doing. Our Quantum technology is an enhancing process taking our molecule bioactivity over 700% increase in energy mass.


Patents have been filed on this new process using Quantum technology in our production processing. We will be using our advanced particle designing in our primary technology developing Quantum Chemistries, as we begin to enter the markets with patent quantum particle for the nutraceutical, cannabis, psychedelic, pharmaceutical, general health, cosmetology, athletics by providing quantum nano products enhancing to multiple markets.

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