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Miss Rose worked on marketing, onboarding cannabis brands, PR, content creation and licensing needed to launch the museum.


Cannabition is an immersive museum that takes people through the unique, cannabis inspired art installations celebrating the arts, culture, history, and celebration of the medical and recreational cannabis experience.  The cannabis museum is the first ever, and provides an immersive, “Instagrammable” experience designed for education, entertainment and hundreds of unique photo opportunities in spaces designed for great picture taking.


Immersive & Experiential Museum:
Cannabition – First Interactive Cannabis Museum   

The inspiration for the museum was to be able to educate both consumer and patients in a fun and interesting way!  We wanted to be able to tell the history of cannabis and also engage cannabis brands to have a platform to the community in an exciting way.  Whether it is a local cannabis lover, visiting with friends to Las Vegas, or a large group on a fun trip, Cannabition was built for people to learn, explore, and embrace the mainstreaming of cannabis culture.

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